• A.T. McWilliams

    A.T. McWilliams

    Former public school teacher. Founder at BookBooster.org.

  • Martin Rezny

    Martin Rezny

    An independent Czech thinker, speaker, writer, and creator.

  • Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis

    Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis

    Filmmaker and Game/Software Developer. Creator of Synonymy, PhoneFlare, PolitiTruth. Showcased at E3, GDC, NYFF, Telluride, Student Academy Awards, Mobileys.

  • Gabriel Pires

    Gabriel Pires

  • Michele Cini

    Michele Cini

    Retired Full Professor, Tor Vergata University. Quantum Theory of Transport, Pumping, Magnetism, Superconductivity, Non linear Optics, Electron Spectroscopy,..

  • Femgineer


    We empower techies and provide courses and workshops to: educate, empower, and encourage professionals in the high-tech industry.

  • monal bhoyar

    monal bhoyar

  • Chris Baik

    Chris Baik

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